Mathilde Karrèr loves accessories, colour, light and flowers to create lavish yet subtle compositions with a captivating narrative. Half-way between paintings and movie stills, her photographs are elaborate, visually-rich micro worlds with knowingly chosen details.

Her lighting expertise and the wish to make every image premium,  still maintaining a natural or almost analogue mood and many times flirting with a Lynchean vision, makes her photography stand out. Many of her works, she develops and styles herself,  you can call it a very hands-on way of working.

“ 20th century movies, the production and set design, I find very inspiring. I like to approached a project as a director, set designer and problem solver in one. I absolutely love to work on complex shoots with a big team and at the same I can appreciate a small shoot where I pull all the strings myself. The art of painting in many styles also has, subconsciously, a big influence in my work. As both parents are Visual Artists, books about painting and conversations about art have always surrounded and formed me from a young age. ”

Selected clients include:

Aperol, Rémy Martin, Sunday Times Style Magazine, NIKE, Buffalo Zine, VOGUE , Highsnobiety, Bonanza Coffee Berlin and Montblanc.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, currently in France.